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Optimizing Digital Communications Strategies and Platforms


When one defense agency sought to improve its digital communications, Electrosoft supported the implementation of a centralized content management system (CMS), a customer experience management (CXM) platform and other technologies and strategies to unify and amplify the agency’s messages nationwide.


Leaders at one defense organization recognized that their communications and messages weren’t effectively reaching the people who needed them. For the agency’s public relations offices across the country, they sought a refreshed digital strategy, a cohesive approach and technology advancements to support the development and delivery of consistent, high-quality communications.


Electrosoft served as part of the team that developed and maintained the agency’s content management system, newsletter and public website. Our team of communications and database experts provided the agency with an analytical assessment of objectives and assets across the agency’s digital presence.

Key to the success of the communication initiative was the development of the agency’s official content management system. The team developed an in-house CMS with industry-standard tools and resources essential to a large, distributed communications team.

End-user engagement was also important. To engage audiences and monitor interest, the team implemented, set up and managed an enterprise-wide unified-customer experience management platform for the digital push of messaging on various social platforms. To make it easier for individuals to find the agency’s website content, the website was optimized for SEO. Additionally, the team monitored and managed the agency's official email subscriber platform and its interface on the agency’s website.

Together with the client, Electrosoft initiated well-defined, monthly digital strategy reviews. Each month, the agency’s top communication priorities are determined, and SMART objectives are defined, with an overall goal of amplifying priority messaging. The team assesses the objectives and provides timely, professional, engaging graphic and multimedia digital assets to support the messages and engage the target audiences across email, web, social and mobile platforms.


The development of the agency’s CMS has been instrumental in providing a “one-stop shop” for thousands of agency professionals nationwide to produce and publish their organizational content online.

More importantly, through the internal efficiencies, the agency’s digital communications are being well- delivered and well-received:

  • The agency website gets consistently high visibility on search engines
  • The number of email subscribers continues to grow
  • The average annual click-through rate (CTR) for emails is higher than the average CTR for government-based email platforms
  • The website has earned several industry awards for excellence among official government websites, as well as for exceeding the high standards of the industry norm.

Today, the defense organization is considered an excellent digital communicator. The team continues to collaborate to agree on priorities, execute on the communications plans and optimize online communications platforms – to continue as the respected, go-to source for the agency’s news, information and experience.