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Identity, Credential & Access Management

Identity, Credential & Access Management

Electrosoft helps organizations implement comprehensive Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) programs to achieve compliance with Federal laws and directives, especially FISMA, HSPD-12 and OMB M-11-11. Our ICAM support services help increase workforce productivity and promote access to digital government services; improve the cyber risk posture of the enterprise; enable trust and interoperability; and reduce complexity and cost through consolidation of ICAM services.

Electrosoft is a highly respected thought leader in the HSPD-12/ICAM arena. We possess over 15 years’ experience in in this specialized area, including co-authorship of key NIST Personal Identity Verification (PIV) publications; work on behalf of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) addressing security and privacy architecture development; Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201 Evaluation Program initiation and operation; and ICAM solution implementation at multiple Federal agencies.

Electrosoft helps customers implement the necessary security controls to prevent and detect unauthorized access to Federal information systems, networks and data. We do so fully aware that effective management of digital identities, related identity credentials and allocation of access privileges for authenticated users comprise the foundational elements of an agency’s cybersecurity posture. Thus, we focus on improving authentication strength for individuals and devices on networks, increasing the use of privacy-enhancing technologies and extending the availability of robust online services. We also work to improve the physical security of federally controlled facilities.

Areas of Specialization

  • Enterprise Logical and Physical Access Control Read More >
  • Encryption and Digital Signature Solutions Read More >

Client Stories

Ongoing Efforts to Secure a Defense Supply Chain Continue to Yield Impressive Results

  • A defense agency providing command and control for transporting, distributing, and sustaining personnel and assets worldwide relies on information technology to achieve its Read More >

Implementing Multifactor Authentication in a Standalone Operating Environment

Creating Efficient, Compliant, Secure ID Credentialing and Visitor Access

  • For one government agency’s ID Card Office, Electrosoft implemented process and technology improvements to support government information processing Read More >

Transforming a Defense Agency’s Approach to IT Operations Compliance and Audits

  • When one defense IT operations organization resolved to become proactive when managing and monitoring compliance and risk mitigation, Electrosoft implemented Read More >

Improving Enterprise Security through User Access Governance

  • Electrosoft provides Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) expertise to enhance the cybersecurity posture of a civilian agency that oversees many U.S. financial institutions. Read More >

Establishing a Comprehensive FIPS 201 Evaluation Program

  • Electrosoft designed and initiated a comprehensive conformance testing program for the evaluation of supplier products and services against applicable Federal standards and guidelines. Read More >

Implementing an Enterprise Physical Access Control System

  • Electrosoft designed and implemented the ePACS solution to present a common workflow for access provisioning/de-provisioning for all of the Department’s physical facilities regardless of the specif... Read More >

Implementing a PIV-Enabled Visitor Management System

  • Electrosoft designed, configured and implemented an enterprise-level visitor management system that interfaces with a variety of facility access control solutions. Read More >

Providing Operational Support for HSPD-12 Program Management Office

  • Electrosoft experts analyzed emerging policies, standards and trends related to Federal identity, credential and access management to support a Civilian Department’s desire to remain at the leading... Read More >

Strengthening Security Posture through PIV Card Issuance, Authentication and Single Sign-On

  • Electrosoft assisted an independent oversight agency in obtaining Personal Identification Verification (PIV) cards for all agency personnel. Electrosoft also designed, configured and implemented an e... Read More >

Providing Security Analyst Services for Emerging Health Technology

  • Electrosoft performed in-depth research to identify, analyze and validate emerging technologies, healthcare trends, policies, standards and guidelines. Read More >

Developing Cybersecurity, Identity Management, and Encryption Standards and Guidelines

  • Electrosoft’s team of world-class experts worked closely with Government researchers to define, develop and refine needed technical standards and guidelines. Read More >

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