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Software and Database Administration Support to Sustain Mission-Critical Enterprise Web Applications


Electrosoft provided software and database administration support to sustain operations for three (3) mission-critical Enterprise web applications for an Agency within the Defense Department.


In an ever-changing environment, the Defense Department seeks to stay one step ahead of the curve. Three legacy applications needed to be updated to adhere to applicable security requirements.  High-end technical expertise was also needed to transition these applications from their existing technologies and prepare them for migration into the cloud. These .NET applications are mission-critical, and need to be available at all times – they range in functionality from a hotline to a criminal record repository to a business practices searchable database. 


Electrosoft’s team of highly-qualified and experienced Software Developers and Database Administrators assisted in the integration, operational support and sustainment of the web applications. Electrosoft utilized security and coding best practices as well as the Agency’s Change Management procedures to update the web applications in accordance with applicable procedures. Utilizing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), we executed processes and procedures for system integration testing and integrated new or modified application software in the testing process. In moving the applications to the cloud, our methodology ensures that the applications remain operational so that stakeholders see no gap in service.


Electrosoft assisted the Defense Department with successfully moving one of the web applications to a cloud environment with minimal disruption, and is currently working with the Government to move the other two applications.

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