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AFCEA Publishes Zero Trust Article from Dr. Sarbari Gupta in SIGNAL Magazine November 22, 2022

“The premise underlying the zero-trust (ZT) security model is simple: All entities requesting access to organizational information technology (IT) resources are assumed to be untrustworthy and their devices and communication networks are likewise untrusted.”

That’s the opening of an insightful AFCEA SIGNAL Magazine article authored by Electrosoft CEO Dr. Sarbari Gupta. “Meet the Challenge of Achieving Zero Trust” goes on to say why the simple ZT premise does not translate into a fast fix for the federal government. Instead, it’s a journey that incorporates multiple pillars, actions and sub-actions – each of which help to strengthen an agency’s security posture.

For those on the zero-trust journey, the byline identifies key resources from the Office of Management and Budget and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It also outlines a phased approach to defining a roadmap and considerations for a ZT action implementation plan.

Read the full article on AFCEA’s website here.

Or download a PDF of the article from the Resources page of our website.

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