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Dr. Sarbari Gupta
CEO Dr. Sarbari Gupta Shares Insights on Creating Secure, Resilient Supply Chains September 29, 2022

Supply chain challenges, concerns and impacts top the news cycle. Shortages and long fulfillment times affect everyone’s daily life. Authority Magazine, a Medium publication, sought to interview prominent business leaders who could share insights on addressing these critical challenges in a series titled "What We Must Do to Create Nationally Secure and Resilient Supply Chains." Electrosoft CEO Dr. Sarbari Gupta was among those experts selected, bringing her cybersecurity expertise to bear on the topic.

David Leichner’s interview with Dr. Gupta published on September 18, 2022. In it she opined, “I don’t believe it is possible to progress to a state where we have a ‘nationally secure and resilient supply chain.’” However, she delineated a number of practical steps that could move the nation toward that goal and provided specific recommendations for government and tech leaders to implement to improve supply chain cybersecurity. Read the full interview here.

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