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Electrosoft Co-Hosts Ransomware and Malware Cybersecurity Summit August 1, 2021

Electrosoft, an award-winning IT and professional services firm specializing in cybersecurity, co- hosted its fourth-in-a-series Cyber Summit webinar on July 22, collaborating with leading STEM educator Capitol Technology University. The two-hour webinar, “The Ransomware and Malware Conundrum,” featured cybersecurity thought leaders and practitioners from government, academia and industry.

“Any organization can be a target. The prevalence of cyber currencies and cyber insurance have emboldened cyber criminals, making enterprise and individual defense mechanisms even more crucial for preventing and responding to ransomware and malware attacks,” said Dr. Sarbari Gupta, CEO of Electrosoft, in her opening remarks.

Pete Tseronis, founder and CEO of Dots and Bridges LLC, moderated the event, which was on- the-record and open to the press. He also called out a number of resources including the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, publications from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and other resources for participants to reference after the event.

To open the summit, Dr. William Butler, chair, Cyber and Information Security and director, Center for Cybersecurity Research and Analysis at Capitol Technology University, outlined “The Ransomware Threat” in his keynote address. He clarified the meaning of malware and, more specifically, ransomware; summarized the threat landscape; outlined how the federal government is responding; and offered best practices for collaborating to address the threats. “Cybercrime is a global issue requiring a global response. Diplomacy and legal frameworks must be worked out and soon,” urged Butler.

A panel discussion of “Malware & Ransomware – Why do they matter?” included five esteemed panelists from government and industry:

  • Togai Andrews, CISO, Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • Mychael Brown, senior SOC engineer, Electrosoft Services, Inc.
  • Inno Eroraha, founder and chief architect, NetSecurity Corporation
  • Steven Hernandez, CISO and director, Information Assurance Division, Department of Education
  • Yvonne D Rivera, co-founder and CEO, CyberMyte, LLC

To watch the full video recording, visit the RESOURCES page on the Electrosoft website.

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