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Our Future is in the Clouds January 6, 2020

by Jay Larvick

Starting out in the computer science field many years ago, we used a central mainframe computer with computer terminals connected to it. That way, everyone could use the amazing power of the mainframe and share applications, utilities and information.

Now, we have more power in the phone in our pocket than we had in the old mainframes that took up entire rooms. You might think that centralized computing would have disappeared by now. Maybe it will long after I am gone, but currently, and for the near future, the cloud is the new mainframe computing model. Cloud computing takes the hardware ownership and support issues away from your organization. You basically just pay rent to use someone else’s hardware.

Cloud computing also allows you to make automated and manual changes on the fly, and it provides more processing power, more space, more memory and more of anything else needed to improve performance of your applications.

There are many choices for cloud computing these days, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and Salesforce, among others. So, choose your future today, because the sky is the limit.

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