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Enterprise IT Modernization & Optimization

Enterprise IT Modernization & Optimization

Electrosoft’s approach to IT system operations and maintenance relies on the best practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and employs a disciplined Electrosoft-Execute Project Management Process (E2PMP) to execute and coordinate all activities. Implicit in the Electrosoft approach is establishing effective coordination and communication among all service functions and applying industry best practices (such as an Information Technology Infrastructure Library [ITIL]) to IT service management.

Electrosoft uses a five-step approach:

  1. Service Design – Good operations and maintenance begins with a solid system design and coordination with system developers prior to system production. We employ templates and standard approaches for service design and service transition, as appropriate. 
  2. Service Operations – To provision IT services at agreed-upon service levels, Electrosoft focuses on coordination of service operations monitoring and response. We ensure defined processes and expectations are established for incident and problem management as well as service requests involving help desk, network operations and network/hardware support. 
  3. Change and Configuration Management – We implement control procedures for installation, configuration, tuning, infrastructure and software maintenance and upgrades. We also employ asset management, license management and resource management practices. 
  4. Quality and System Performance Management – We monitor the consistency of service system performance against design goals through testing, performance analysis and tuning. We apply our ISO 9001:2015-registered and CMMI Level 3-rated Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure performance, consistency and quality of IT service delivery. 
  5. Service Improvement – Leveraging feedback from our quality management program, we continually improve our service delivery processes using methodologies such as Lean, Theory of Constraints or Six Sigma to further streamline them. Applying established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we develop scorecards that map to organizational priorities to allow leaders to make informed decisions on where to apply service improvement resources.

Areas of Specialization

  • IT Operations in Classified and Unclassified Environments Read More >

Client Stories

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Ongoing Efforts to Secure a Defense Supply Chain Continue to Yield Impressive Results

  • A defense agency providing command and control for transporting, distributing, and sustaining personnel and assets worldwide relies on information technology to achieve its Read More >

Creating Efficient, Compliant, Secure ID Credentialing and Visitor Access

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Improving Cybersecurity Through Better Tools, Processes and Automation!

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Advancing Agile Adoption to Improve Management and Performance of Critical Business Systems

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Supporting Digital Transformation with Cloud Migration

  • Electrosoft supported the successful migration of multiple legacy web applications to the cloud environment for a defense agency, ensuring Read More >

Improving Enterprise Security through User Access Governance

  • Electrosoft provides Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) expertise to enhance the cybersecurity posture of a civilian agency that oversees many U.S. financial institutions. Read More >

Embracing Low Code Platforms for Rapid Application Development

  • Electrosoft’s software development and systems engineering professionals embrace a low code platform to rapidly develop, enhance and maintain a range of essential Read More >

Facilitating Agency’s Critical Economic Mission through a Reliable and Secure IT Infrastructure

  • Electrosoft assisted the agency in two key areas: (1) efficient management of information technology (IT) investments in support of the agency’s mission, vision, and strategic objects; and (2) main... Read More >

Securing an Evolving Cyber Environment through Effective Patch Management

  • Electrosoft is executing a patch management solution for a Department of Defense (DoD) agency that maintains enterprise software for 55,000 endpoints. Read More >

Software and Database Administration Support to Sustain Mission-Critical Enterprise Web Applications

  • Electrosoft provided software and database administration support to sustain operations for three (3) mission-critical Enterprise web applications for an Agency within the Defense Department. Read More >

Information Technology Architecture Support Services for Defense Research Laboratory

  • Electrosoft’s experienced team of IT professionals provided networking, server/desktop/database support, configuration management, help desk, and information assurance to support a Defense Research... Read More >

Implementing a PIV-Enabled Visitor Management System

  • Electrosoft designed, configured and implemented an enterprise-level visitor management system that interfaces with a variety of facility access control solutions. Read More >

Implementing an Enterprise Physical Access Control System

  • Electrosoft designed and implemented the ePACS solution to present a common workflow for access provisioning/de-provisioning for all of the Department’s physical facilities regardless of the specif... Read More >

Strengthening Security Posture through PIV Card Issuance, Authentication and Single Sign-On

  • Electrosoft assisted an independent oversight agency in obtaining Personal Identification Verification (PIV) cards for all agency personnel. Electrosoft also designed, configured and implemented an e... Read More >

Improving Operational Efficiency with ERP-Enabled and FIAR Compliant Business Solutions

  • Electrosoft successfully planned, reengineered and implemented next-generation business processes by leveraging the U.S. Navy's investment in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, which inc... Read More >

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